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History of AZAPA

AZAPA was created in Münster in 2022 by the firm’s proprietors, Jack Jackmoor and Evelyn Irina Sternberg, as a German company that provides services to overseas clients interested in moving to and/or living in Germany.

The concept arose when two best friends who knew each other via theater work needed to submit applications for funding for their theatrical projects. To find a sponsor, they filled out all of the available application forms. At the same time, Jack had to apply for a pharmacy study place.

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The cumbersome German bureaucratic system inspired Jack, who hoped there existed a service that made it easier for people to navigate paperwork and protracted processes. It was not an easy task to find a study place for Pharmacy, but after going through all of the difficult and time-consuming procedures, Jack was able to do so. When he was admitted to study pharmacy in Braunschweig, Evelyn was in her first year of master’s in philosophy in Münster.

As he was about to move to Braunschweig, Jack told Evelyn about his idea for a company that provides such services. Evelyn agreed to join him as soon as she heard about the plan, because she knew how difficult it was for her to have to ride to Moscow several times to have all of her documents certified by the German embassy before she could acquire a visa to Germany.

Evelyn recalled the times when she broke down in tears, wishing that someone would assist her with some paperwork, as the ride had taken up a lot of her time, money, and energy.

She reasoned that there must be a large number of people who want to visit Germany but do not live in the capital or large cities where a German embassy or consulate may be found.

Evelyn recalled, “I spent a lot of money on the rides and overnight stays in Moscow and Yaroslavl to be able to collect all the essential documentation for my visa.”

“Having such a service company would help customers save a lot of money on the intercity travel and overnight stay,” she added.

AZAPA was established seven years later. Its founders have been accumulating their experiences in the German bureaucratic system and attempting to smooth the way for newcomers in Germany as a result of personal challenges.

In the photo: Münster Cathedral © 2021 Evelyn Irina Sternberg

AZAPA is currently a legally recognized company that offers a wide range of services to international students and workers. Our mission is to help you navigate across Germany. Many applications are being completed much more quickly, and our clients have been really complimentary.

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