Recognition of Foreign Certificates

Recognition of Foreign Certificates

Check if recognition is required:

In Germany there are so-called regulated professions. These professions must meet certain requirements. If your profession is regulated in Germany, you must have a foreign professional qualification recognised. Your foreign qualifications will be compared with German qualifications. Prepare the documents.

Non-regulated professions

Most professions in Germany are not regulated.

If you work in a non-regulated profession, a recognized professional qualification is helpful but not necessary.

Gather all the certificates and evidence to prove your eligibility:

If you do not have the documents or if the documents are not sufficiently recognized, please contact the IQ support program advice or your representative directly. If you have no school or professional qualifications or cannot prove them, use to assess your professional experience or skills. This test can be taken nationwide at chambers of commerce, craft businesses, job centers, recruiters, schools, educational institutions, etc. If you are interested in a test, our consultant will be happy to help you. You can find more information about practice tests with and sample tasks online.

Recognition Period The review of your application can take up to 6 months. The decision period does not begin until you have submitted all the required documents.

If necessary, adjust your qualifications:

After your application has been processed, you will receive a notification. This letter informs you to what extent your degree corresponds to a German degree. If your degree is only partially equivalent to a German degree, you can do a qualification under certain conditions. With such an adjustment qualification, you bring your knowledge and skills up to the German standard.

Internship Qualifications

You can also adapt your skills and knowledge through an internship. Talk to your advisor about your requirements.

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