General Consultation

How to find the right job or the right course of study

To clarify questions about training content and courses
Find and apply for trainees
To develop an alternative if the desired job does not work
Benefit from funding opportunities
Find out about training and the job market.
Tips for a successful consultation

The better your appointment is prepared

the better your career advisor can help you. Before the interview, think about your interests and strengths.

Your favorite subject at school also says something about your talent. Bring a copy of your most recent certificate with you and make a note of which internship or summer job you did.
If you don’t have a plan yet, think about what you want and look forward to your future work.
We are your companion on the way to a new job. We will contact you at your new employer, hire you ourselves or give you advice on your own job over the phone.

As the saying goes: work is half the life. Next to family, work is the most important pillar of life for most of us. We know it. For us, the search for the right job is not just a product.
I look forward to guiding you on your journey to the new professional coast

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