Translation Service

Are your certificates issued in a foreign language?

In Germany, many authorities, institutions, and universities, as well as courts of law, frequently seek certified translations. We provide certified translations for official purposes. Our translation service is a recognized official document translation. (translated by a sworn translator).

✔️ Our translation bears the translator’s signature as well as the translator’s official seal.

✔️ Our translator certifies that the target-language text is a precise and full translation of the source-language text in a certified translation.

✔️ Our certified translations are prepared in conformity with all applicable rules and guidelines.

We translate and certify official certificates such as the following:

✔️ Diplomas
✔️ Birth certificates
✔️ Marriage certificates
✔️ Insurance certificates
✔️ Driving licenses
✔️ Registration documents
✔️ Passports/ID cards
✔️ Bank statements
✔️ Other official documentation

AZAPA provides high-quality services in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, or any other language.

Do you know that every foreign skilled worker is legally entitled to have their professional qualification evaluated for equivalency under the Federal Recognition Act (Anerkennungsgesetz)? Read more about recognition of foreign certificates here.

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