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    I/We have not had any eviction judgments in the last 5 years due to rental arrears.There are no ongoing rental claims against me/us.There are no wage garnishments or salary seizures against me/us.I/We have not made any sworn affidavits, nor is such a procedure pending.No bankruptcy or settlement proceedings have been initiated against my/our assets in the last 5 years, and the opening of such proceedings has not been dismissed due to lack of assets. Such proceedings are also not currently pending.I/We declare that I am/we are capable of fulfilling all contractual obligations, particularly the payment of security deposit, rent, and operating costs.I/We affirm that I/we have fully and truthfully answered all questions with my/our signature. False information constitutes a breach of trust and entitles the landlord to contest the rental agreement and, if necessary, terminate it immediately without notice.

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