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What types of universities are there in Germany?

There are three types of universities in Germany:


Check out the course or college you are in the right place at the university luxury if you want it to be interested in strong science-oriented research. Universities offer many different subject groups. some universities specialize in a specific field. An example is a technical high school, a medical college or a pedagogical college. Apartment. If you did your doctorate in Germany (that is, I want to do a doctorate), are you correct in college?


2_ also universities of applied sciences

If you need a very practice-oriented course of study, the University of Applied Sciences is the right solution. Here you will receive a scientifically sound education that is geared to the specific requirements of your professional life. The course includes an internship and a practical semester.

3_ Universities of Art, Film and Music

College of Arts, Film and Music The right choice, if you are an artist, I want to study a technical subject.

They are universities offering subjects such as visual arts, theatre, dance, industry, fashion design, graphics, instrumental music or singing. At a modern university The media are director, cinematographer, not only screenwriters, but also other films Trained TV expert.

At the forefront of such research You have a special artistic talent Must be presented in the aptitude test. These universities are considered to be special required qualifications.

What degree do you have?

Each course prepares you for a degree from a specific university. When applying for a degree program, it's not just about making decisions and making decisions not just the topic, but at the same time the degree you want to achieve. German University All wishes and training levels Suitable course.

-You can do it for the first time as a beginner Study in Germany -as part of your research in your home country some couple experiences of acupuncture collect Germany

-It is already discarded German closure research Further study.

– You can do your doctorate in Germany

Online Study

You can also research Provided by a German university Benefit at no cost in GermanyLife
. State and, for example, partially
paid by a private university – online or distance learning courses in many subjectsvDirection.

Will my university entrance qualification be recognised?

We help you to know if you have graduated-Generally
high price for the time reasonable access to school- Subject highs only access to school
is sufficient- Only in conjunction with one or two successfully completed proofs after years of studying at home is the country sufficient
– Not sufficient for university access.
By the way, if you come
from a country EU or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you have a university certificate access is sufficient and it is usually enough in Germany.

This also applies if you attend 140 German schools abroad.

What if my school isn't enough?

Isn't your high school diploma good enough for them?
When you start studying, you must take an exam in Germany.
It is called an assessment test. You can rely on this exam in Germany.

The Studienkollegs are institutions at universities and universities of applied sciences. They offer courses on individual subject groups. You will then be tested in several subjects that are important for your field of study.

Part of the placement test is also a language test.
Basic knowledge of the German language. Therefore, to prove in an entrance exam that you have
the necessary language skills.

How long does the preparation course take?

Studying at a Studienkolleg usually takes two semesters. However, students with very good grades can take the placement test after just one semester. The lessons include about 30 hours per week.

What is TestAs?

With the Test for Foreign Students (TestAS), you can check for yourself whether you are up to the requirements that German universities place on students. The test result can also help you decide on a particular course of study. After the test, you can see how your prospective customer is definitely more realistic about a successful conclusion. In addition, a successfully completed TestAS improves your chances of admission to the university of your choice. Please ask your question Find out if your university needs the TestAS and what advantages it brings for you. The TestAS can be taken three times a year in a test center of the TestDaF Institute, probably also in your home country. You can find out where there are test centres and what the TestAS costs at

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