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AZAPA can assist you in finding a desirable job while also saving you time and effort. You simply submit us the documents you need for the employment you want, and we will forward them to the firms and institutes that are hiring. We can also assist you in obtaining work permission from the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit).

Our Job Search Service:

We ensure that your application and required documents are delivered to the hiring organizations.*
We value your privacy and will never use your information for any other purpose.
We are experts in this field and have a large network of contacts, so we can assist you in increasing your chances of being employed.

* This does not guarantee a favourable response or immediate employment. Job providers make the final decision.

the prices are to be understood as payment in advance, apply to 5 hour of  job search. If the Coaching lasts longer, the customer must continue to compensate for the effort.


According to the Employment Agency (2021), these professions are in great demand and have a very high chance of a good job:

Mechanical engineering as well as vehicle, aerospace and aerospace technology (skilled workers)
Mechatronics and automation technology (skilled workers)
Electrical engineering (skilled workers)
Nursing professions (skilled workers)
Non-medical therapy and medicine (specialists)
Human medicine and dentistry
Structural and civil engineering and plumbing, plumbing and heating (skilled workers)
Architects and civil engineers
Informatics, software development and programming


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