Study apply

    1. Information on the intended course of study

    2. Personal details (exactly as stated in the passport)

    Correspondence address (the address of a family member or someone you know where correspondence from official bodies can be sent)

    3. Your educational background

    If you have attended a preparatory college or have passed the assessment test, please provide the following information:

    Please provide details of your previous education, including institutions, subjects, degrees, and results:

    Please provide details of your activities, including the name, country, and description:

    5. Language Skills

    Haben Sie Deutsch gelernt? (Have you learned German?)

    Please provide details of your other language skills, including the language name, certificates, and results:

    Other questions (according to Art. 12, Para. 4 of the State Treaty on the allocation of study places and the corresponding state ordinance)

    Do you receive a scholarship?

    Have you already applied to university in previous semesters?

    Apply for admission to a preparatory college for foreign students for the coming semester in preparation for the assessment test?

    Apply for admission to a language course in the language you are applying for in the coming semester course?

    Please select one option from each square above
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