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Do you have problems or questions about your job, visa, studies? We are here for you and will help you. We’ll tell you exactly what’s going on. Fast, unbureaucratic, anonymous and inexpensive. Use the online consultation. It is aimed at students, job seekers, job changers and those who require a visa. Please write your question in the form at the end of the payment process. Our team of advisors will respond to your contribution as soon as possible. You can find the answers under FAQs. The following applies to all fields: Please fill them out correctly so that we can give you a tailor-made answer and ask questions if necessary. The answers are not legally binding. In some cases, we have to forward a direct question to the responsible body, so the answer is only binding for the case described.

the prices are to be understood as payment in advance, apply to one hour of advice, if the advice was less than half an hour, the customer is entitled to a refund of half the price. If the consultation lasts longer, the customer must continue to compensate for the effort


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