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Applying for a Study Place Master



After you have made a decision about studying in Germany, we will look for a place at the most prestigious German universities for you. We submit the applications on your behalf with a written power of attorney. Please note that you will have to pay additional costs during the procedure such as application costs, certification costs and other costs.

please prepare the following documents, the documents must be uploaded as a zip file after the purchase order has been completed.


Which requirements you meet for admission to the master’s degree and which documents you have to submit are regulated differently from university to university. Basically, you add the following to your application:

Certified copy of the bachelor’s degree or the first academic degree (master’s degree or diploma)

proof of German language skills

For further education master’s courses: Proof of study-related occupation

When applying for admission to the master’s degree, you may also be faced with further admission requirements, such as:

Work samples
Participation in research projects
work experience
linguistic proficiency
Short summary of the bachelor thesis

At the end of the purchase process, there is a form that you must fill out and upload the files required of you.

This price includes the equivalency of the secondary education certificate for the German system and registration for 3 universities via direct registration
If you wish to register via uni assist, an additional fee must be paid for each additional registration request


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