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Applying for a Study Place doctorate


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We will search for a professor to adopt your application as a PhD student, the price includes correspondence to specialized doctors and a maximum of 15 correspondence
The price does not include the preparation of application papers for PhD studies
But we also offer a paper preparation service for the doctor’s study in the same classification on our website


_have a university degree. Master’s, Magister’s, Diplom degrees or state exams from courses with a standard study period of at least four years or the completion of a postgraduate course are recognized.
-have found a supervisor and a dissertation topic from the field of your completed degree. Contact a professor or lecturer from one of the institutes directly. –The deaneries of the faculties will also help you with your search.
-Those interested in doing a doctorate who want to do a doctorate in a subject other than their major must prove in-depth knowledge in the doctoral field in a recognition test. Information on this is available from the dean’s offices.

-foreign degree is recognized as equivalent and
You – if necessary – take a recognition test (the faculty will decide whether this is necessary in your case).


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