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Anyone WHO involves Germany from abroad should prove that they’re insured with a insurance company. for brief stays, EU foreigners area unit sometimes coated by the insurance of their country of origin with the eu insurance Card (EHIC). If they keep longer or move their place of residence to Germany, they have to put off statutory or non-public insurance. completely different rules apply to non-EU voters.

Costs of Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung for Foreigners: The contribution’s amount is based on income and is 14.6 percent. The additional fee, which varies by kasse, is another factor. The employer pays half of the contribution for employees. The minimum monthly payment for self-employed people is around 149 euros, while the maximum monthly payment is 736 euros.

Costs of private health insurance for foreigners: The agreed-upon services, age at insurance termination, and health condition all influence the amount paid. In contrast to the GKV, income plays no role.

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